Saturday, 4 August 2012

Plastic Nurdle spill – Adopt a beach – become a beach guardian.

Hong Kong desperately needs your help to identify beaches with Plastic Nurdles and also beaches that have no Nurdles, so that resources can be sent to beaches that need help.

When you visit a beach, if you see any Nurdles, can you please take some photographs and post them on the “Plastic Disaster – Hong Kong” Facebook page (see link below), together with the location of the beach and an estimate of how big the problem is. Also check the beach for any bags of Nurdles and if you find any, move the bag to above the high tide line and again, please post photographs on the Facebook page.

Adopt a beach - become a beach guardian

If you live near a beach, can you become responsible for reporting any Nurdle sightings at that beach and also for organizing cleanups at the beach – adopt the beach and become a beach guardian – just please keep “Plastic Disaster – Hong Kong” informed of what you are doing by posting on their Facebook page.  

Plastic Disaster - Hong Kong

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