Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Plastic Nurdles – Shoreline cleanup kit

The simplest way to clean Nurdles from the shoreline is using an aquarium net and polystyrene container, at high tide.

These two polystyrene containers were filled in less than one hour.

The polystyrene containers float, so it is easy to push them along on the surface of the sea, skim the surface of the sea with the net and scoop up both the Plastic Nurdles and other small plastic particles at the same time, then putting them in the polystyrene containers.

If available, a better option would be to use Swimming Pool Skimmer Nets. See below:



  1. The skimmer net looks like the washing net we use for putting the clothes in before washing them in the washing machine, can we try DIY from that net as well? (coz I have no idea where to get a skimmer net)

  2. Windee, The net came from a fish shop in Yuen Long. I'm not sure, but they might have similar nets in Goldfish Street in Mong Kok. If not, DIY sounds great.